Thursday, September 10, 2009

Army Guys: The Story Begins

Last week, Magoo had his buddies O & G over. And whenever there are three wet boys that I don't want playing in my house around, I pull out the blocks and army guys. At first, they just built and played. Then I pulled out my camera - as I often do - to snap pictures for the blog. Magoo asked if I was making a book and I thought, "That's a good idea." I pulled out my older camera and schooled the boys on how to use it and let them take their own shots.

The next day, I uploaded the photos in the computer and printed a few choice ones up on blank white paper, leaving plenty of room for the story.

When O & G came back over, I pulled out the pages and some markers and let them have at it.

O, who is in second grade, really "got" the project. He looked at the picture and created appropriate text.
We have you surrounded. Ha! (I love kid spelling!)

Magoo, who is in first grade, had his own take on it.
Clearly, his army guys were speaking in a sophisticated code. "Can Aok!"

G, who is in Kindergarten, wins the style award. He tackled this project like it was art, using a variety of colors and sizes.
And it looks like they're speaking in binary code!

When they were all done, we put the pages in order, folded a piece of color paper over it, and Magoo stapled it together. The saga begins.


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Heather said...

I love it! How cool is looking at their writing development over time?! I'm such a teacher geek, but seriously?! So cool. Owen and Gus loved that project. I can't wait for the rest of this interesting tale to unfold...

pixie said...

This is so fun-I love the rambling narrations that often issue forth when I'm taking dictation for one of Miles' "pieces".
We LOVE Wink, btw. Tonite at bedtime, M said, "Are we going to read your favorite book again?"
"What's that?", I say sheepishly...

Glad to peek into the life of the author of one of our most read books on the shelf!