Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Waves

Sunday, we went down to Gramma's house and to the beach. It was WIN-DEE. Our chairs wouldn't even stay up unless there were people weighing them down. And there were WAVES. These weren't big waves if you surf - or if you live in California. But they were big waves for Niantic, CT and they were FUN!

It's always fun to see how Magoo is going to react to something. Ever since Coraline, he seems to be aware of a lot more danger in the world. He's especially skeptical of plants right now. "Is this one poisonous?" Thanks, whoever names poison ivy!

But ever since he learned to swim, he is Mr. Confident in the water. He was swimming like a champ in the choppy waves and wasn't even scared when they crashed over his head. He just came up for air, wiped his face off, and kept right on going.

He wanted to swim out to the raft, but we thought it was a little far for such rough water and no lifeguards on duty - so we stayed close to the shore and body surfed. The air was chilly. The water was warm. And we all had a really good time.


äiti said...

Nice :-)

Chicklebee said...

What an awesome beach day! I love big waves! They're great for body surfing and boogie boards! The water looks nice and clear too (ie: no jellies!)