Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Couple More Pieces Finished

I was motivated to get a couple more items from the "in progress" pile to the "completed" pile because I had a visit from my German patron of the arts.

There is a lovely man from Germany who comes to Hartford about once a year. The last two visits, he has bought some of my art. And he the NICEST guy ever! (If you're reading this, U., thanks so much!)

Anyway, he sent me a note saying he was in town as asking what I had ready to see, so I finished up a few things and took them into my husband's office/a.k.a. my temporary gallery to show.

It was the kick in the pants I needed to finish the goldfish. (Above.) And Wink. (Below.)


äiti said...

So cool that you have a patron. Rock on. :-)

ang said...


those are awesome. how did you make your chop this time? it looks like you left some white paper on this one.

Julie_c said...

I use white gouache to paint a white square. This way I don't have to decide where I'm going to put it until I'm finished and the layer of white paint is a better surface then the rough watercolor paper.

(For anyone interested, the "chop" is the red seal on the fish painting.)