Saturday, September 26, 2009

Magoo Goes Orange

Yesterday evening, Magoo attended his karate graduation from yellow belt to orange belt. (Above) Here he is waiting as the instructor talked about what they were going to be doing.

(Below) It was a HUGE group of kids. I had no idea! When Magoo graduated from white to yellow, there were six kids in his graduation group. Mike counted thirty-six last night. As a result, it was harder for me to move around with my camera. I drew in a red arrow pointing to Magoo.

The kids did sit-ups and push-ups - Magoo is AWESOME at those. He's so strong and he takes great pride in them. Then they worked through some punches, kicks, and combinations. (Below) Magoo hits his horse stance and says "Hiya!"

At the end of a very long 65 minute ceremony, Magoo got his orange belt!!! His father and I are giddy with pride! (Well, Mike's not so much with the giddy, just proud.)

Here is a video of Magoo doing #2 Combination. The instructor had just spoken about strong, fierce faces during the moves. So Magoo is practicing his mean face. (Another kid gets in front of him in the middle, but Magoo will emerge again.)

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äiti said...

Congratulations Cam!!!