Friday, September 11, 2009

Master Zutsu

I made the body of Master Zutsu last May when I wanted an iron-on for a shirt to wear to my reading in Virginia.

But I thought I'd work him into a background so I can present him at the November art show (Open Studio Weekend Nov. 14 & 15th in Hartford, folks.) I was already planning on doing one of Wink - because duh! But then I thought, Hey, why don't I make two more and then I can make a four-pack of cards. Wink cards would be super cute, right?

So I'll make Wink next. Then I think I'll do Grandmother, then Wink in his pink curtain outfit. That's my plan anyway. I'll keep you posted.


Chicklebee said...

I'll buy a few packs of cards from you when we're home at Thanksgiving. I also need to buy a few books and have you autograph them (as birthday presents!). There are TONS of kids down here who would LOVE Wink. Infact, I was showing it off at ribzzzz night the other night and the other Mom's and kids LOVED it!

Chicklebee said...

Oh, have you read Skippyjon Jones? The boys and I are TOTALLY into that one right now.

Julie_c said...

You know, I had heard of Skippyjon and I saw it at the book fair and gave it a quick look. It didn't hit me. But in all fairness, I looked at it quickly. Maybe I'll see if they have it at the library.

How was RBZ night?