Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Newington Chalk Walk

Saturday, the town of Newington held their annual Waterfall Festival which features a Chalk Walk. In years past I have entered the competition. But even in my 30's, being on my hands and knees for hours did a number on my body. Just when I thought I'd had enough, they offered me a judging position.


This is the third year I have been one of the judges for the competition. I, and another artist, walk around with our clip boards* and rate the art on a scale from 1 - 5 in different categories, like subject matter, use of medium, overall impression.

Both of us felt that this piece was the strongest:
The artist (a young woman in high school, I think) used the chalk very well. She blended beautifully and there are dynamic lights and darks.

So many people rely on an under-painting of tempera paint and then they don't do much chalk work. It just plain annoys me, and the art is flat. One artist used glitter glue! GLITTER GLUE! Tacky. (Pun intended)

This is another piece that I really liked. But, being one of four landscapes doesn't help in the creativity department, so it didn't place. Sorry.

* The other judge is an extremely friendly woman who hides her clipboard and casually goes around and talks to all of the artists. She is soooo nice. I am the quiet, serious judge. My clipboard is right out there and I don't talk to anyone unless they speak to me. Then I'm nice. But I don't like to chat up people I'm judging. We're like good cop/bad cop.

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äiti said...

Fun :-) I appreciate the high fun factor in your life, my friend.

I really enjoyed hearing about the differences in the style of the judges!