Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Summer Afternoon

In the final week of summer vacation, Magoo and I found ourselves with time on our hands and nothing much to do. So we went for a bike ride to Elizabeth Park. I had been hoping to find giant sunflowers, but no. No sunflowers this year. They had plenty of other beautiful things, though.

The dahlias were gorgeous!

They have a lovely pond and there are koi in it, but it's too murky to see. So we just sat and watched fish heads for awhile.

Then we walked over to the other side of the pond where a lady had a sack of bread and every duck and goose in a five mile radius was there to greet her.

She kindly gave Magoo some bread to pass out. He loved that. I couldn't get a great shot because it was hard to navigate around all the birds and I really didn't want a cheesed-off goose nipping my ankles.

The flowers so pretty I took shot after shot. Magoo wasn't up for modeling though. This is his "Blue Steel."

So I let the poor boy off the hook and we came back home.

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