Thursday, September 24, 2009

Skull Castle- An Easy Reader

A couple weeks ago our excellent neighbors gave us a hand-me-down castle.

Magoo is old enough to read early level "easy-readers" but we find the stories are too simple, "One dog ran fast. Two cats ran fast." or it's just subject matter that he's not interested in. So I decided to take a page from the army guy book project and make him a story using photographs for the illustrations and his first-grade word list in the text.

I came up with Skull Castle!

Here's a page after the King and Sir Blue discover that Skull Castle has been taking over by the evil King Rojo.

Yes, there's a battle. Magoo loves battles so there is definitely a wee bit of violence in the book. (No beheading though!) Just the average stuff 6-year-old boys would come up with on their own. Actually, it's probably tamer than what a 6-year-old boy would come up with on his own! But worry not, King Rojo is captured and the good people of King Azul end the day happily.

I'll show it to Magoo tonight and see how it goes.


äiti said...

Excellent. Teo wanted to know if it was for sale (like all your books ;-) because he wanted to check it out!

Julie_c said...

Sorry, T. This is a single copy book. But he's welcome to read it next time you guys pass through.

Heather said...

Waaaay cool.

Natalie said...

Oh, how I wish all of my students' parents were like you! May I send some your way? ;-)

Julie_c said...

Natalie -I can barely keep up with the one kid I got!