Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Top Model Sins

I'm still busy at work with projects that I can't really blog about - so, in an effort to keep things from getting stale, I'll post about my guilty pleasure TV show, America's Next Top Model.

It's episode 3 and the girls are still fresh, and I still can't remember their names. So I will refer to them as the nicknames that I have given them. First, let's talk about Bambi Eyes (above.) Bambi Eyes had a good week last week. The judges liked her photo and she was feeling all good about herself. BIG MISTAKE!

This week the girls had a surprise visit to the Wilhelmina Modelling Agency and poor Bambi Eyes froze in her interview. She mentioned that she'd done some musical theater and when the MAIN GUY asked her to sing something, she completely froze - couldn't think of a single song.

I felt so bad for the girl that I was shouting out songs from the couch. "Sing Memory from Cats. Sing something from Les Mis - they don't care!" But Bambi froze like a deer in headlights and they gave her the boot. Seriously - no one was expecting that. Her interview was so bad that the MAIN GUY at Wilhelmina couldn't ever see working with her. Ba-Bye.

Heather and I thought they'd boot the girl with the lazy eye. But no. Poor Bambi had to go.

And this is a girl who left a job as a cashier at Walmart. Can you imagine? You're at Walmart. You audition for Top Model. You make the final 32 girls and go to LA. You make the top 13 girls that go to the house. You rock your first photo shoot and them BOOM - you can't think of a song and you're gone. Rough.

Well, after all she committed one of the Top Model sins: Thou Shalt Not Be Uninteresting.

But things were back to normal soon enough. For their next photo shoot, the girls had to pose topless with a horse and a jockey. I won't go into this too much. The bottom two were Bianca - the angry girl with her head shaved who hates every piece of clothing and accessory the stylists put her in - and Gimpy Courtney - the girl with the broken foot.

They let Courtney go. You know why? Even though her photo last week was great. Even though she walked without her foot brace for the guy from Wilhelmina and impressed him. Even though she could smile with her eyes. Courtney got flustered during her photo shoot b/c Mr. Jay asked her to wear her foot brace. She doesn't like the foot brace. It messes with her mojo. She had a bad photo. But the real reason Gimpy was cut was that she committed the Big Mama of top Model Sins.

Thou Shalt Not Give Up (or Thou Shalt Know How Ding-Dong Lucky Though Art To Be Here And Give Your Blood and Sweat To Me)

At panel, poor Gimpy said, "I gave up."

You can take the worst photos, be in the worst mood, complain, be ungrateful - all of it, but if you have a moment when you get frustrated and just kinda don't care and you SAY SO - that's it. Game over. Tyra HATES YOU!

And it's OK if Tyra has silly little sketches and characters like Super Smeyes. It's OK if Tyra makes light of things - but the girls have to give blood. And the second you stop - you're gone.

So Good-bye to Bambi Eyes. You seemed like a sweet girl and I bet you could have grown. And good-bye to Gimpy. You seemed like you might have annoyed me in time, but I think they cut you too soon.

My current favorites are Laura the Cowgirl, Brittany (I have no nickname for Brittany. She's brunette now and had a lovely photo where she was laying across the top of the horse's back) and Over-Posey Ashley. (They had to use her test shot.)

Bianca has to GO!


ang said...

bianca's fight w/eye girl was so unnecessary.
also when will these girls learn to learn the different photogs? how many cycles have there been w/folks getting chewed for not knowing photographers-just name one. sheesh.

i am surprized eye girl is still around especially since she had no smize. must tyra invent words every cycle? i love it.

Julie_c said...

Sometimes I think - why can't you guys just train them a little before you throw them into a surprise interview! They're so young. This girl worked at Walmart! It's like they are sabotaging them. And I get it - yes, it's a rough industry. But I think with a little preparation we could see who can really rise and give some of these girls half a chance. I don't think I would have done any better.

Smize. Geesh!

ang said...

It's all for the drama. Don't they have modeling agency boot camps. I think if they wanted Bambi they could have taken her and overlooked her brain freeze. I guess it's a good lesson in fickleness. Get ready for the critiques when the models take their advice and then getting critiqued on that advice the very next week. I am waiting for Tyra to tell someone she "smizes" too much or something.

Who was the girl with the Italian Vogue look? I liked that photo.

Okay non segway (sp?), are you going to the picnic today? Why is it all of a sudden 50 degrees outside?

Heather said...

I love, love, love it! It just gets more fun every cycle. I kinda dig big fuzzy/frizzy wierd redhead's look, but man--super wierd. Lazy eye? Come on. For reals? Can't wait for next week.