Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's Going On

As we enter Magoo's third week of school and my third week of productivity, I am happy to say I am busy, busy. Unfortunately, not everything is blog worthy (or blog ready.)

I have been doing a lot of writing. I think posting about works-in-progress puts a bad mojo on them, so I never like to blog about my writing. Just know that I'm working hard on some fun stuff. Will it see the light of day? Dunno.

My current collage project is a commissioned work. I am creating a friend's house in a Christmas scene. Architecture is not always my favorite subject matter, but I have to say I am really liking how it's turning out.

I hope to finish another watercolor goldfish today or tomorrow and I need to get going on a Wink collage for the art show/card set.

So that's what I working on. As for leisure time, anyone catching any new shows? I just finished watching Season 2 of True Blood at my friend w/ HBO's house. I've started Glee, America's Next Top Model, and the Vampire Diaries.


äiti said...

Anna *just* mentioned Glee to me. She loved the first two eps which she recently watched. What'd ya think of TBS2? I thought it was better than S1 and really enjoyed it. I am going to miss Eric...glad that Bill gained some heat in the finale...he was getting boring there...

ang said...

Hey! you'll go to your friend's house to see TB but not my house to see The Wire?! I am OOO-fended! ;-)

ANTM is on?! When?! I am truly out of it. I gotta start watching more tee-vee.

Julie_c said...

Well - I only walked half a block to watch True Blood. I could have walked there, forgotten something at home, gone back, and then walked back over there again, quicker than it would have taken me to drive to your house, Ang. It's all about proximity, baby.

Aiti - Did they show a second episode of Glee. D'oh! Missed that one. I really enjoy True Blood. I can't say I was down with the Maenad - but I love the Fangtasia gang. Pam kills me.

ang said...

I know. Proximity does count. I have to harass you. You know that.

Did ANTM start already? I forget this stuff is happening. I am usually doing the assembly line lunch and snack preparation. I don't remember having snack in 3rd grade.

Julie_c said...

Ang -
It's on Weds at 8 on the CW. You missed the big 2 hour premiere. the first hour is when she has, like, 34 girls. There was a HILARIOUS one named Amber. I could not write the things that were coming out of her mouth. Then the second hour was the final 14 - I think it was 14. You know they are all short this year. That's the gimmick. 5'7" or under.

Buzz de Cafe said...

how can you title something "What's Going On" and not mention Marvin Gaye?

ang said...

thanks for the update. i swear that show forever sneaks up on me.
I bet Amber has nothing on Doran's cussing.

Chicklebee said...

Television?????? Who has time for television!?!?!?!? I'm lucky if I get to watch one episode a week of Top Chef and Project Runway... on demand at that (I'm UBER behind!) Scott usually beats me to the t.v. so we end up watching his shows. I'm dying to see Glee though. And I really want to add True Blood to my Netflix list, but fear that Scott won't enjoy it. We did just finish watching the John Adams mini series. It was (surprisingly) AWESOME... Riviting! Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney are BRILLIANT!!!!!

Chicklebee said...

Your next blog topic should be "Latest thrift store / bargain finds"!
(although the Sal's and Goodwill down here BLOW!)

Julie_c said...

Chick -

True Blood is an interesting show - I love it. I think Heather had to get over the fact that it was kind of raunchy - but then she came around. It's a very different vibe than Twilight. LOTS O' SEX.

I think you'd really like Glee.

I haven't really bee to the Salvation army much lately. I went once a couple weeks ago, and bought 2 tops and a cardigan. But I've got too many clothes as it is so I'm trying to keep a handle on it.

Sorry yours blows.