Thursday, October 1, 2009

Art from KidLit

When I prep for the November show - I like to do things in groups. For one thing, someone might have a theme going in a kid's room and they might buy more than one. For another, I can use the images in groups of cards. Third reason, usually once I get started on a theme I get inspired to do a few more.

Since this is the debut of my picture book at the show, I thought it would be fitting to feature other characters/scenes from classic works of children's literature. (I really wanted to do my own version of Where The Wild Things Are, but I was concerned with copyright infringement.)

I finished Puss in Boots (above) today. I think it's my favorite. I love how watercolors work on cat hair.

The Three Little Pigs (below.) I'm super pleased with the houses. One of my former watercolor students works at a wallpaper store and she gives me books when they go out of stock or stop carrying a certain brand. Some of them - like the roof of the straw house - have great textures!

Little Red Riding Hood. Little does she know there's a wolf lurking. I'm hoping people don't notice him up there at first, then they go "Holy crud! There's a wolf up there!" Maybe not that loud, though.

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod. This is the only one that comes from a poem. I painted a dark purple night sky for something else, then thought better of that composition. Then I was left with a purple sky and no purpose. I had to think what it would work with it. The poem came to mind.

This is actually the second grouping of the boys I did. The first was too large when I put it together. The mood wasn't right. They didn't feel like they were at sea. I like this much better. And I LOVE their little newspaper hats!


Chicklebee said...

A wolf in a tree!?!?! Oh, come on... even in my nightmares the wolves were never in trees!!!

Love the Puss in Boots (one of my favorite stories too!)

Julie_c said...

Oh yeah - that sucker is sneaky.

And now he will sneak into your nightmares. He will be climbing the tree to get down his kite. :)

Chicklebee said...

Oh ha ha. You are a funny one.... how did I know that's what your response would be.

You are going to give some poor child some serious nightmares.... wolves in trees indeed ;-)

Robin said...

Julie you are so freakin' talented!