Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chicago - The Fun Stuff

I just read a post about how author's blogs should stick to the business stuff and not have a bunch of personal stuff on it. But I'm not famous and my readership is mostly friends and family so what the heck. Here comes some personal stuff!

These are my very dear friends Staci (necklace) and Kristine (bangs). We all went to Hope College together in the early 90's.
Staci has two adorable children and since the second one was born last December, I needed to get my tush out there and meet that baby! I made him some soft blocks (below.)

The animals are embroidered. Here they are being played with. (below)
I didn't include pics of the kids' faces b/c Staci isn't on Facebook or blogging or anything so I didn't want to plaster her children's sweet mugs all over the internet.

For her daughter, who is nearly five, I made an art bag and filled it with markers and blank books. Here is a drawing she made of me (in blue) and her. Isn't it the girliest drawing ever? I love it!

We ate out. We had our nails done. We shopped. It was great! And Staci is an AWESOME cook so the meals she made at home were even better than eating out. She made eggs purgatory, people! It was dee-lish!

Now, while I was out and about, I stopped in the lady's room. Have you seen these new dyson hand dryers? Maybe we just don't have them in Hartford, but these things are AWE-SOME.
You pop your hands in there and a wind storm begins. Seriously, Dorothy's house and a mean lady on a bike flew by in there.

And when you pull them out they are SUPER DRY! No wiping on your jeans - nu-uh. Hats off to you, dyson!


cynjay said...

It would almost be worth having another kid if you'd make cool stuff for it.

I've seen a couple of those dryers and think it's funny that Dyson has cornered the market first on sucky stuff and now blowy stuff. Got us coming and going...

Julie_c said...

Maybe Dyson is the supreme ruler of all that is air related!

Chicklebee said...

I LOVE THAT DYSON! I want one in my house! The Whole FOods in Annapolis has one.... see how high tech we are down here!
I'm glad you had a great trip! Looks like lots of fun! Love those blocks too! Awesome!