Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day at Rose's Berry Farm

Today it was cold and soggy. Sleet, people. There was sleet. But it was only this last Monday when Mike, Magoo, and I headed out to Rose's Berry Farm with our good friends, The Brudz's, for some pumpkin and apple picking.

But before there can be picking, there must be running around. Here (above) are three little monsters ready to face the mystery of the Corn Maze.

And they're off...

We picked some pumpkins after that. Magoo picked out a dainty one for me and a medium sized one for himself. I took a bunch of pictures and Magoo was getting quite sick of it. You know those smiles that say, "Fine. Just take it." I got a lot of those.

Then we headed back down to the playground where the boys spent a great deal of time jumping from one bale of hay to another.

Then - at last - there was apple picking!

It's funny because if you go late in the season, all the easy apples have been picked. You can't find any apples. Then, slowly your eyes adjust and you can see them hiding behind leaves, low and high. Magoo found a beauty for his teacher...

And wasn't too sick of modeling to pose with Mom.
I made an apple coffee cake with a couple of the apples but haven't quite mustered the energy for a pie. Maybe this weekend?

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