Sunday, October 18, 2009

Girls' Night In

My real birthday is October 26th, but since I'll be in Chicago that weekend on a work/pleasure trip, my friend, Heather, hosted a Girl's Only Dessert Party this past Saturday Night.

This has been a tradition for, oh, three or four years now. Everyone brings something yummy to eat (nothing healthy!) and we play The Game of Love. (below) Here's the gang (above) with our "dream guys" - minus my good friend Sara who lives down in Baltimore now. We all sent a big HELLO to you, Sara.

Now if you're wondering What the heck is the Game of Love? Well, it's a board game that I made up eons ago when I was in college. I made the 2nd edition when I lived in Chicago, post grad. And I made a 2008 edition last year. Basically, you move around the board picking up guys and when you get married and get to home base, you win.

It's fairly difficult to win since most of the guys are not the cream of the crop. And the fun is really in reading the profiles of the dorks. Angela won this time . She married a cute Irish jewelry maker! Well done!

I got some fun presents (thanks guys.) Angela, knowing what my favorite reality show is, gave me America's Next Top Model Handbook.

It has a checklist of the Must Be and Must Not Be in order to be a Top Model.
Must Be: Helpful, Kind, Go-Getter, Charming
Must Not Be: Troublesome, Difficult, Lazy, Messy
Heck, half the girls on that show are difficult and ALL of them are messy!!!

It also teaches me how to have fun at a photo shoot - and here I am posing against a fold out beach scene:

Now I can be 38 and Fierce!

Thanks to Heather for hosting such a lovely evening and thanks to all my friends for coming and having fun with me! It was a blast!!!


Heather said...

I'm glad you had fun! I loved hosting--someone needs to fill the empty entertaining hole in the neighborhood that Sara left!

Julie_c said...

Better you than me - but I can do the karaoke parties!

cynjay said...

Happy early birthday! Only 38...such a youngster...