Monday, October 12, 2009


Before my husband and I were married, he came up with a joke. I don't know how it started, but he began telling people that I loved unicorns.

I do not love unicorns.

I do not dislike unicorns - but I have no fondess for them. You can lump them in with badminton, rice cakes, and sweat pants for all I care.

Still, the idea of telling everyone how much I LOVE unicorns tickles my husband to no end.

Early in our marriage, he bought me this:

A few years later, he brought this home:

To this day, if a unicorn comes on TV, he will call me into the room saying, "Julie, look, it's your favorite!" He He He, he will chuckle at his own cleverness.

Well, turns out he's not the only funny one in the family.

This weekend, Mike's sister, Pam, and their mother went up to Vermont to get some family furniture for Pam's new house. We watched Pam's dog, Poppy. When they returned in the moving truck, Pam handed me this rather large thing wrapped in plastic and said it was a thank you gift. It was this:

Pam told her uncle Charlie that I loved unicorns so they brought this LARGE CERAMIC unicorn back just for me.

Ha ha ha - the joke lives on.

Thanks SO MUCH Pam!


Chicklebee said...

I'm am laughing so hard, I have tears STREAMING down my face! Ha,ha,ha! I had NO IDEA you loved unicorns so much ;-) That husband of yours is a funny one!

Julie_c said...

Oh yeah - he's a riot.