Monday, October 5, 2009

Things I Did On Monday

It was a productive Monday. I did some fun things:
worked on story revisions (coming along)
finished collage of geisha girl (above)
watched Mad Men during lunch (great episode!)

And I did some chores:
went to local bookstore to introduce myself and my book*
returned a popcorn popper to Walgreens
disposed of a small dead animal**

*Yes, this is a chore to me. I feel very awkward going into stores and saying, "Hey I wrote a book." It always starts out with someone staring at me like I'm trying to sell them something. You know the look, What do YOU want? Then they might be excited for me, or not. This time I got mildly chided for not coming in sooner. I bought a book for my nephew and left feeling better that I had finally gotten that monkey off my back.

** Don't ask.

Yesterday, I got some GREAT news. I found out that my book (Wink! The Ninja Who Wanted To Be Noticed) was nominated for a CYBIL Award. A CYBIL award is something given by a group of literary bloggers - bloggers that blog about kid lit. The idea is to pick something that has high kid appeal but is also a quality book. There are a bunch of other books nominated, but I'm still very excited! I'll find out if Wink makes it to the finals in January. That would be SO COOL!

I hope you all had productive Mondays!


cynjay said...

So why do I have to find this out from the BLOG??? V. Exciting!!!

Natalie said...

What Cyn said! And as Wink would say: Yahoo!!!! :-)

Julie_c said...

Sorry. I would have mentioned it when I turned in Nat's crit. I swear I would have!