Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wink Goes To Gaffney School

Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading Wink to the kids at the Gaffney School in New Britain, CT. I went as a part of Book Bash. What's Book Bash, you ask. Well, a group of honors students at CCSU (Central CT State University) wanted to promote literacy and home libraries for kids who didn't have as much. Philip Day, who ran the program, collected enough books so that each child in the school could pick out 2-3 books to take home. They were nice books too!

After I read Wink and went through my Powerpoint presentation on how I made the book, I taught the kids how to draw Wink so they could make their own bookmarks.

Here are some examples:

To be honest, when I found out we were doing an art project in the auditorium with 150 kids - I was a little wary of the outcome. That's the recipe for chaos and Crayola explosions. But the kids did a FABULOUS job! I did two groups and in each group there was one child who assured me that he couldn't do it. I just talked them through it one by one and every kid had a bookmark they were proud of.

I love talking to kids at school visits - but I think seeing the art projects is my favorite part. I am always so blown away by what they do.

Thanks so much to Philip Day for organizing Book Bash and to the lovely staff and students at Gaffney School who made me feel very welcome!

OH - I just remembered something. When I took a few questions from the kids, one child asked what the other three ninja students names were. No one had ever asked me before. The fact is, I've only named the girl. She is Fo. I don't have names for the other boys. So, for the boy with glasses, the kids suggested Tony. And the stocky boy is Sam (for now.) :)

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äiti said...

Awesome bookmarks and what a great program. :-)