Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eyeglass Case

Because the theme for the art show this year is 20/20, the group running it (Artists in Real Time) wanted to try something different. They asked participating artists to decorate an eyeglass case to sell at the show. All the funds raised go to Art Space.

So here's my case:

I'm very happy with how it turned out but I will say it was a wee bit more time consuming than I originally planned. I was looking for something to take about 90 - 120 minutes. This probably took closer to 3 - 4 hours.

I was going to stop with the top and leave the bottom black - but the perfectionist in me just couldn't do it! I was COMPELLED to finish it.

But I'm happy with it and I hope it finds a happy buyer.

In health news, Magoo is back at school. I kept him home yesterday but he probably could have gone. His cough lingers, but by this point he should no longer be contagious, his fever is gone, and his energy is fine. I sent him with a water bottle and a good attitude for learning!

Countdown to art show: 4 days. My goals today: finish t-shirts and make wash & care cards for them .


äiti said...

Very nice! Glad Cam's feeling better...

Jessica said...

That is very cool!!

I'm glad Magoo is on the mend.

Chicklebee said...

LOVE IT!!! So VERY Julie! What did you you use to make the design?

Good luck this weekend! I'll be sending you good vibes! Wish I was gonna be there! (save me some cards that I can buy from you at T-giving)

Julie_c said...

It's just paper decoupage.

I won't save any cards, but I'll make you more if I run out. Deal?

cynjay said...

I love it! Have a show (or at least an Etsy store) for those of us on this coast!