Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Art 'n' Stuff

Last night I read Magoo Seen Art by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith. It's about a boy looking for his friend Art. The people he asks misunderstand him and direct the boy to NY's Museum of Modern Art, MoMA.

I love it, although I think the basic concept might have been lost on Magoo.

Anyway, we get to the painting above, Sea Grasses and Blue Sea by Milton Avery, and Magoo says, "It's upside down."

I'm curious as to what he thinks it is. So I rotate the book and say, "What does it look like?"

Magoo smiles, "Just right."

Unfortunately Magoo isn't feeling just right. He caught it. He caught the flu. I don't know if it's swine flu or regular flu, but he seems to have it on the mild side. He has a cough and a fever in the evening - although his temp is normal at present. I kept him home today but he's been a trouper. As long as he can watch TV or play a game, he's been in good spirits.

Which means I got a little work done. My goal today - make sure everything that is to be frames is frames and wired and priced.

I have twenty-one pieces, including the big ninja collage in the main gallery.

Now I have to finish the t-shirts, make t-shirt labels, price them, finish the cards, bag a few prints, make some signs, and pack it all up and I should be good to go next week.


Jessica said...

I love, love love that book! I have read it to Frances many times and ya, she definitely does not get it, but it is fun to look at all that fantastic modern art. It's so fun to watch children experience visual art, makes you see that it really is open to interpretation. I can see Magoo's point of view.

Sorry to hear he's under the weather, I hope it passes quickly. I don't know what it's like in Hartford, but up here people are going insane over the whole swine flu.

Looks like your work is coming along nicely!

äiti said...

"Just right" that. Hope he feels better soon.

Good luck with your continued prep!!!

Julie_c said...

Jessica - people are totally freaking out about the swine flu - but it's really no more than they freak out about the regular flu. I have a "no freak" policy. He's sick. It's not that bad. We're dealing with it. All is well enough.


Chicklebee said...

Ya! That book ROCKS! I chuckle everytime we read it and the boys look at me funny.... I don't think I unpacked it... I'd better go find it.

Poor Magoo! We haven't succumbed to the "mo-cus" (that's what Jess used to call it) yet... but ALL the kids around us have... so we're playing the waiting game! Just watch, we'll all be sick for Thanksgiving! Send us healthy thoughts!

I wish I was there to help you price and bag cards. But looks like you're in good shape!

Julie_c said...

Thanks. I am in pretty good shape so Magoo's illness is kinda well timed. I just have a small quota to do every day and I'll be ready to go. Although this morning (Sunday) I woke up certain that the art show was this week and I had missed Saturday! :)