Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Christmas Post

On Chirstmas Eve day, we went down to Niantic to Gramma Mary's house. Mary has a great backyard with the loveliest sunsets. I have taken many pictures of Mary's sunsets and I've even painted it once. But nothing is better than looking out on a light purple, snow covered, woodsy backyard with a streak of gold cutting across the sky when it's Christmas Eve and you're feeling kind of warm and fuzzy anyway.

Inside it was a little less magical as Larry played funny Christmas songs for Magoo, such as Bob Rivers' I AM SANTA CLAUS.

Then, because Magoo was super hyped up with the expectation of Santa, he had some energy to burn. Mike took him out back to build a snowman. The snow was GREAT for it, too!

Larry contributed the furry hat, pipe, and glasses. Isn't that the best snowman?!?!

Then the family went over to our in-laws for dinner. Actually this was a kind of funny part. We took two cars. Mike, Magoo and I in our family car and Mary, Larry, Charlie, and Pam in the other car. Mike had parked down the block a touch to clear Mary's driveway for the other cars. So we walked down there, situated the food we were taking, got Magoo buckled in, and then drove up to Mary's so we could follow them because we didn't know how to get to the place we were going. When we pulled up the Mary's house - they had already left. This is funny if you understand that Mary is never fast to leave the house. Every time we go to the beach we have to stop as she goes back in for sunglasses or a forgotten towel or sunblock. It's quite a production. So for this one time when we count on her/them being pokey - they were suddenly super efficient and stealthy.

Good thing for cell phones. Got got directions and caught up to them.

It was a late night for Magoo. He was totally conked out when we got home and went straight to bed. But it was OK. I made sure to leave Santa some milk and fudge.

And then it was CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!

Because Magoo went to bed so late, he was not up at 5am, 6am, or even 7am. But Mike and I were up at 7am and we were anxious to get the magic of Christmas going. So after walking around the house - not too quietly - and opening Magoo's shades - not too quietly - Magoo woke up and came down to behold the wonderful mountain of presents.

Bionicles was the big go-to gift this year. This is the one thing he asked Santa for and Santa delivered! That said, this is Magoo's "take the frickin' picture' face.

We're not huge on tradition here, but when I was growing up, my mom always had a coffee cake on Christmas morning. It's really the only morning we ever have coffee cake and I've kept this one going. Now, of course, I can't buy something gooey to heat up, I have to make it from scratch. But I was good and mixed all the dry ingredients the day before so it only took 15 minutes or so to whip up my GF, Sugar-free carob chip coffee cake and pop it in the oven.

It was good. it was a little over-baked but it was good.

And here I am showing off my gift from Michael, some beautiful lilypad earrings.

These are from a shop called Bijoutiful on Etsy. The jewelry maker (is that what you'd call her?) makes lovely, lovely things so I want to include the link to her shop. I LOVE my earrings!!!
I also kinda like this pic of me because I feel like I'm starting to see my age come to my face, but in a nice way. I feel I'm looking a bit like my Grandmother Tony in this one.

In the early afternoon, Mary, Pat, Tom, Pam, Charlie, and Larry came up to celebrate, exchange gifts and eat. If you recall the story of the unicorn, that came from Charlie's house. So when I made cards for Charlie and Larry, I made souped up photoshop versions. Larry received an image of his face on a bare-chested man riding a unicorn, and I made Charlie into a centaur. That's what he's looking at in the photo. (I don't dare show the full sized image. Charlie would probably have my head - but I have to say it's pretty funny.)

Gramma Mary gave Magoo a calculator which he loved!!! Here he is smoochies of appreciation.

(Do you see my little papercut Santa int he window. I love that thing!)

It was a casual meal because I can't handle a fancy meal for more than 4. So I made pasta. Mary brought her SUPER YUMMY puttanesca sauce and her meatballs which were sooooo good. I have to get the recipe for both!!!

So we ate.

Then Mary cleaned my kitchen. Mike helped. I did very little in that department and I declared it the best Christmas ever!!!

Thanks so everything who came over. Thanks to the Hulmes for a lovely Christmas Eve dinner. And thanks for all the wonderful gifts received by Magoo, Mike and myself. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did!


Ă„iti said...


AND, you guys are hysterical. I don't think I have EVER heard of parents waking their kid up to get things going on Xmas morning!!

Julie_c said...

That was a little more on Mike. I was thinking I might get the morning cake started, but what the heck - I guess we're all just a bunch of spazzy kids for Christmas!