Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good Girls Get Paper

I made my list and I checked it twice. I was ready to go to ... the paper store!

The art notes are in for the next Wink book, Wink! The Ninja Who Wanted To Nap. I still have a couple sketches to work on. But enough of them are "good to go" so that I can start shopping for paper and get my tush in gear.

I always want something very special for Master Zutsu's kimono. I didn't find it at Jerry's Artarama (although I found plenty of other papers there - love that place) so I went online to find that the Japanese paper company that I bought stuff from for the previous Wink book was no more. Gasp! BUT, there's a new paper seller in its place, Paper Connection, and they're actually closer in Rhode Island. (Aiko's Art Materials was in Chicago.) Not that I'm going there. I just ordered online. But it's nice to know I can go there if I should ever want to.

It was so hard to choose. There were sooooo many beautiful papers. But I finally settled on purple cranes for Master Z and a lovely, soft design (that's beyond my description) for Grandmother. I can't wait until they come. (clap, clap, clap!)

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Shelley said...

Bummer about Aiko's. I know a lot of artists who will miss it. Also I've heard that Paper Source has stopped carrying a large selection of handmade and Japanese papers. Poor Chicago!