Friday, December 18, 2009

How To Make A Wall

Sometimes when I'm really busy with a book project, it's hard to know what to blog about. I can't really show you the finished illustrations. You have to wait for the book for that. And I can't share my writing. So I thought I'd show you the specifics of how an illustration comes together.

Today I am working on a wall.

I start by taping my watercolor paper down on a board, wetting it, and splashing it with blues, greys, a little pink, and a little brown. Then I will take a big brush and mush it together. (I'll have to make a few walls for the new book so I'm using more paper than I'll need for just one wall.)

Next, while the paint is still wet, I spatter small drops of water on top.

Then, after it has started to dry a bit, I spatter small drops of paint. Blue and grey, mostly.

See, there's my nasty toothbrush - perfect for spattering.

Now I have to let it dry completely. See all those wrinkles? If I'm a patient girl, those will flatten overnight as the excess water evaporates. But I am not a patient girl - so I waited until it was dry enough, then I took it downstairs and ironed it.
Now it's ready for stones. I penciled off the area for the wall and started painting in stones. If I wanted to be a super perfectionist, I could cut out individual stones and paste them onto black paper. That would take much, much longer and for a background wall it's just not necessary.

When the black is dry, I cut the wall out, making sure to make small indentions in the top edge of the wall.

And now I have a tiny wall upon which I will paste tiny posters.


Ă„iti said...

Cool :-) Thanks for sharing that.

Robin said...

Julie you are amazing. I can't figure out what color to repaint my living room and you build a wall in a day....

Julie_c said...

Robin - it was a very tiny wall. :)