Saturday, December 12, 2009

Java's Koi Pond

When I am in the process of finishing a painting - especially a large one - I put it on the ground and step away to get a good look. When I put this painting, Five Koi 2009, on the ground, Java was very, very interested in it. It was funny to watch her check it out. I took it as a compliment.

Here it is behind glass and officially finished, but Java was still pretty intrigued.

Some detail shots:
The koi above gave me so much trouble. It was UGLY for the longest time. Finally I just scrubbed as much paint off of it as I could and started over. I had to cheat a bit and paint some white gouche on the forehead b/c the paper was just too stained and worn. But that's the thing about good paper, it can take a lot of abuse. In the end, I'm quite happy with it and I love little victories like that because it gives me the courage to try new things, knowing, if they blow, I can scrub them out and still make it into something beautiful. Sometimes.

The gallery (Center Framing and Gallery in West Hartford, CT) had been wanting a new fish painting for some time and I simply was not able to get to it until December. But it feels so good to have finally gotten one more thing off my big to-do list.

I hope someone feels like giving the gift of koi this Christmas.

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HappySpider said...

Hi Julie - is there any chance this (or other koi) painting is still available? I LOVE it, and all your koi paintings!! Just tried to email you from your website but it bounced back. You can reach me at electriciastudioservices at gmail D O T com. Thanks, and cheers! Audrey :)