Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sled Day

Lucky us - we had a beautiful snowfall Saturday night which left us with a day of snow play and sledding on Sunday.

Magoo had been so excited to go sledding - I was so glad the day finally came. Here he is pulling the new sled, which I've named Grapey, up the hill.

And doooooooooown the hill.

We took the first few runs on the mild hills but graduated to the steep one pretty quickly. This is the hill where the big kids sled and, often times, they build a jump. Here's Magoo (on Big Red) catching some air.

I would have loved to have been able to get down there and get a shot from the side, but the top of the hill is so steep, Magoo can't hold himself still while I get in position. He probably wouldn't want to wait for me anyway.

I, accidentally, caught the ramp a few times myself. You see, a couple years ago, i took a bad bump on a sled and bruised my tush bone something fierce. Man, that makes you feel old! So I';ve been careful about my sledding activities ever since. But Grapey got my through the jumps without any pain. You go, Grapey!

Finally, Magoo had enough.

So we went home, watched School of Rock on TBS, and drank some warm vanilla hemp milk.


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Chicklebee said...

Hey! We got our sled on today.... we're ready for next Monday! Can't WAIT to see you guys!