Thursday, December 31, 2009

Magoo Turns 7

Can you believe it?! I can't. He's so big - but only seven years ago I was a big, bloated mess in the hospital with a sweet, fuzzy haired baby in my arms.

Anyway - he's far from a baby now.

Sometimes I just have a small cake and a few presents for Magoo on is actual birthday (I firmly believe one should always have cake on their birthday) and then we have a family party a couple weeks later. But since I hosted Christmas Day this year I just wanted to make one more cake and get on with life. So he had a party - but we kept it mellow.

The day started with a morning playdate with the Metcalfes before they had to head back down to B-more.

Legos are the best. Just pop a box full of them in front of three boys and they can occupy themselves for a good long time.

Then, after lunch, we met up with another couple of brothers for some bowling and arcades.

Here's Magoo celebrating his shot, but really he wasn't that into the bowling part. Every chance he got he went to salivate over the demo graphics on The Simpsons arcade game. But that all came soon enough. We loaded the boys up with tokens and they played and collected tickets. Then they spent the tickets on the cheapest crap imaginable. :)

I'm always blown away by the low quality junk behind the display case window, and by how each child carefully decides which crap to choose as if it were treasure. I'm sure I would have done the same at that age. But in the 80's, our arcades were just for spending quarter after quarter on Miss PacMan. No plastic junk required.

Then we went home for cake and ice cream.

Magoo wanted a Kirby cake topper so I made one out of clay. Fortunately for me, Kirby is a rather simple character. (That's carob cake in case you were wondering.)

Magoo had presents that he opened over the course of the day. Mike got him a Lego Mindstorm set so they could build Lego robots and such, (they're playing with it as I type.) I got Magoo a set of karate sparring gear.

Oh yeah, baby. Don't mess with him!

Our guests stayed for a chili dinner and well into the evening. I don't think the boy could have asked for a better day and I certainly couldn't ask for a better boy.

Happy Birthday, Magoo!

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Chicklebee said...

Oh man! Talk about the perfect birthday! That looks like one happy boy! Love him all decked out in the sparing gear... Mr. Toughy! Way to go Mom!