Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Nana's Coat

It's cold. So, while searching for my winter coat in the upstair's closet, I came across my nana's old coat. For some reason, I thought ti was a touch too small for me and I was keeping it for sentimental reasons. But since I couldn't find my regular black coat, I decided to try this on. And you know what? It totally fits! What had I been thinking??? Too small - no way! It is all kinds of kitchy awesome!

There's no tag and I don't know exactly what it's made of. It's kinda like felt - maybe felted wool? It's SO warm and it's covered with seals, walruses, and polar bears!

It's certainly a conversation starter - I can tell you that much!

In other news, we have put up the tree. Our friends, The Brudz family, put theirs up over a week ago and Magoo had been asking about ours ever since. So Saturday morning we hauled it up from the basement.

For some people, Christmas is about hiking through the forest and finding that perfect evergreen. For me it is finding the branch with the red dot and wiggling it into place, then fluffing the branches. Every year Magoo can do more and more to help and he was a great helper this year. Of course his favorite part is putting on the ornaments, which he does so well!

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Ă„iti said...

Dude, that coat is all sorts of awesome! Love it. Red branch tip, red dot, blue branch tip, blue dot...yep, that's us too. :-)