Saturday, December 5, 2009

Whirlwind Visit at Whiting Lane

I spent two days at the Whiting Lane School in West Hartford. In that time I did two auditorium presentations and art projects with every single class, K - 5. Oh my goodness. It was so much fun, but by the end of day two my dogs were barking. No, howling.

Day 1 was the big kids. I do a slightly longer presentation where I talk about revision, rejections, and working with editors and art directors a little more. I keep things pretty light for the little ones, but the big kids have to deal with revision in school so they get it.

Then class by class (and in some cases, three classes at a time) the students came into the library to learn how to make Wink collages. All the kids rock at these and I could fill post after post on pics of all the creative things they add once the ninja is complete. But I edited down to two photos.

On Day Two, I did my presentation for the youngun's, and then they marched into the library to learn how to make Japanese Cherry Blossom Branches.

This is easier in the sense that it doesn't require mad cutting skills, but messier in that it's paint! I have to say, they didn't trash the library. Well done, youngun's!

The trickiest part of this project is blowing the paint out to make branches. Some kids have a very difficult time with this. But once they get it, they get it.

Like the collages, there are no two branches alike. Every one is awesome in its own right, but this one is my favorite. I love the balance between the positive and negative space.

My son's class came in last so I am pretty glad that I have the photoshop ability to airbrush the shine of my sweaty brow.

Don't I look fresh as a daisy?

Well, I wasn't. But I was very happy. I had a wonderful two days. Much thanks to Whiting Lane and their librarian Mrs. Gluck and all the helpers who came in. It was a fabulous visit!

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Chicklebee said...

Well, it's about time! Way to go Julie! You rock. Now, we need to get you to come down here.....