Friday, January 8, 2010

The Details

If you're familiar with my book, Wink! The Ninja Who Wanted To Be Noticed, there's a wall in front of the Summer Moon School for Young Ninjas covered with posters. Most of the posters are for the circus - that was me giving a little clue as to how things were going to work out - but I also have a poster for a noodle place, Sumo wrestling, and Kabuki theater.

The time has come for me to make more posters! And my first one is for the zoo. (above)

The art is always easy. But this time I wanted to put more kanji on them - that's trickier because it means finding a good translation site where I can read the characters. It took me awhile to find "zoo." I hope I got it right.

(That said - these will be smaller than a postage stamp so they probably won't be legible anyway. Still, I like to get it right if I can.)

Then I found a nice picture of some tea cups that inspired the Gold Treasure Tea House.

I had originally tried to write Tea House in kanji but I double-checked it and it looked wrong on a couple sites. Then I found the words "gold" and "treasure" so I thought, Hey I'll just give the place a name. (BTW - the characters down the side are from a stamp I have. I have NO IDEA what it says. I had my friend, Shirley, look at it b/c she speaks Japanese, but she couldn't decipher it so I hope it's nothing randy.)

When I was doing online research, I found a Japanese ad for Space Beer. I kid you not - Space Beer! So I thought it'd be fun to make Space Juice.

While looking for the kanji for tea house, I found the character for rickshaw. That seemed like a fun idea and even better - let's have a leopard driving the thing. I present - Leopard Rickshaw. They're super fast!

Now I have to make the new and improved circus poster featuring Wink, then I should be done with the poster art.

(My favorite is the zoo.)


Ă„iti said...

Love the Zoo one :-)

Julie_c said...

A -I fixed the upside down kanji on the tea house for the ones for the illustrations. Thanks for the heads up.

Joan said...

LOVE these posters! SOOO cute! I was going to mention that the tea house kanji are upside-down, but it seems from your post above that you got that already. I will say though--I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's Chinese, not Japanese. Usually Japanese has a mix of Kanji with Hiragana, not just straight Kanji on their own. I could be wrong though...

Julie_c said...

Yeah, my friend Aiti knows Japanese so she pointed that (upside down) out. It's OK if it's Chinese though too, because the posters are shrunk so small that the stamped kanji won't even be legible. That's why I didn't even bother with the stamp on the other ones. I was just playing, really.

Natalie said...

You should sell these one day, Julie. hint, hint...;-)

Chicklebee said...

Mmmmm.....Space Juice.... mmmm.... what do you suppose is in Space Juice? Will it give you super space powers? Love them! I agree with Natalie! These would look GREAT in my bathroom ;-)

Julie_c said...

I got the idea for Space Juice when I saw an ad for Space Beer. Apparently they had grown the barley to make the beer in space. So I imagine there's an apple orchard on the moon or something. Or maybe it comes from fruit that the astronauts decided not to eat.

Yanno, these things are small. I think the zoo poster is 3" x 4". The ricksaw is the largest, I think it's about 6 " wide.