Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grandmother's Birds

I'm working on Grandmother's sitting room today. It's similar to the sitting room in the first book, but Grandmother likes to shake things up a bit, so she's redecorated. New mats, new furniture, and new art.

Since there's so little bamboo in this book and there was sooo much of it in the last book, I decided to give Grandmother a little bamboo. And some birds. She likes birds.


Joseph said...

Perhaps you have addressed this in other posts that I unfortunately missed, but do you think you could blog about your process as a writer and artist?

I'm interested to know if the story or the art comes first or if they both sort of emerge simultaneously. I am a write myself and am always interested in this sort of thing.

Thanks in advance!

Natalie said...

Like everything you do, this is lovely, Julie.