Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Tinies

In keeping with the tiny theme, I had to make some inch tall ninjas.

Yes, I know the stocky one only had one arm. He's standing behind Master Zutsu, so he only needs one arm. (What if he came to life and sought revenge on me b/c of his missing limb? That would be bad!)

I had to cheat on the glasses and draw them on. There was NO WAY I was cutting glasses that small!

Since I'm featuring ninjas today, I thought I'd show my own little ninja in sparring class. (Magoo's in the red gear.)

The kids have one combination: kick, punch, punch. They are supposed to stay on their toes and move around while they kick, punch, punch their opponent. And there's not supposed to be any contact, but more often than not there's a little contact because remembering all the things you're supposed to do is difficult. That said, no one's punching to hurt anyone, so the contact is mild.

Look at Magoo's nice block! (above)

And that awesome high kick! If Magoo doesn't become a bad-ass karate dude, maybe he can be a Rockette!!!

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