Monday, January 11, 2010

My Desk, Sunday, 2:36pm

This is how my desk looks mid-illustration.

1. This is what I'm actually working on, a sliding screen door for Wink's room. I've glues a piece of rice paper on top of some brown and I'm gluing think strips on brown paper on top to make panels. I'm working on top of my green cutting board with my bottle of Elmer's white glue and gluestick front and center.

2. An old copy of Entertainment Weekly that I use as a background for applying glue so it doesn't get on my work surface.

3. The white cup holds my nice black drawing pens. The gray bowl holds my erasers - and other crud I collect and don't know where to put.

4. Trader Joe's Spicy Chai Latte. Mmmmmmmm. My friend, Magda, just introduced me to this drink. It's so good!

5. The bin where I keep my X-acto knife and paper punches.

6. The bin where I keep my plastic container tops that I use to squirt glue and paint in.

7. I put stuff that is drying or on hold at the top of my desk. The "L" shaped piece is the frame for the door. Underneath it is a piece of watercolor paper I painted with blues, greens, and yellows to be the background outside a window.

8. Dirty watercolor paint water. NOT Spicy Chai Latte. I have never sipped the dirty paint water, but I have cleaned my brush in my beverage.

9. Paint palette. I'm usually painting skin tones on people so I keep my palette close.


Robin said...

I love this post! "The Artist At Work".

Don't drink the paint and don't sniff the glue!

Z-Kids said...

Fantastic! I love seeing where the magic takes place!
- AZ