Thursday, January 7, 2010

Working Away

My husband snapped this shot of me Sunday morning. I was nearing completion of a large chunk of the Secret Project and I was eager to get it done. So before brushing my teeth, before combing my hair, before putting on clothes - I drew.

I'd also like to note that the fact that you can see any part of my floor means that my studio is considered "clean."

My posture's not so great though - is it? See, I got this great, smallish drafting table at a tag sale this summer. And it's awesome b/c I don't have a lot of space in my studio - but it has a downside. The height is not adjustable. So I have to squish my chair down as far as it will go and I still hunch a bit. But I will work on that. I'll need to if I don't want a bad back.

My agent and I are going back and forth of this project - polishing this, should we have this? - and trying to get it ready to show to editors. I'm super excited about this one though and HOPE, HOPE, HOPE we can sell it!

I'll let you know.


Shelley said...

Cool picture. Good luck on the project. I'm so curious!

Joseph said...

If your table has post-type legs, you can get a piece of PVC pipe cut into equal lengths and place them on the table legs. It raises tables quite nicely, to any height you need and it is VERY cheap. Being the creative type, you could also paint the pieces of pipe or let Magoo do it as a project of his own.

Julie_c said...

Thanks Joseph. I'll look into that.