Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets: A Book Review

Last week a fabulous YA novel "dropped." Dirty Little Secrets by C J. Omololu (which is a fun name to say out loud) tells the story of Lucy, a high school girl who has a huge secret right behind her front door. Lucy's mom is a hoarder and their entire house (except for Lucy's room) is filled with garbage, rotten food, and mold.

Lucy wants only to be a normal girl with normal friends, but in order to be that she has to keep everyone at a distance and tell a ton of lies.

Thing are lining up for Lucy: she has an awesome best friend, her escape to college is in sight, and she's about to score a super cute boyfriend. Then, one morning she arrives home and discovers a situation so dire it's likely to blow her world apart. Lucy doesn't have much time to fix it all and embarks on a journey of reliving her challenging life with her mother.

I will say upfront, Ms. Omololu (I know her as Cynthia) is in my critique group, so I was rooting for her from the get-go. But this is a great book. I LOVED it. I especially loved the pace. It is so well balanced between the intensity of Lucy's present situation and some of the quieter memories. Without droning on and on through pages of description, the book paints a vivid picture of Lucy's house and what she has had to live with. The situation is fascinating and sad. But the heart of the story is Lucy, a smart girl who has as much love for her mother she has anger, resentment, and shame.

I picked the book up Tuesday, starting reading it, and only put it down to watch LOST. (I'm a major LOST junkie so there was no way I was missing the season premiere.) Then I picked it back up Wednesday morning and read it until completion. It's a page-turner! Four-stars. A+.
Go get it.

Cynthia keeps a great blog. Check it out at:
And here's an interview.

Congrats Cynthia!!!