Monday, February 15, 2010

Going Out (into the Big, Bad World)

The secret project is ready to go out into the world and see: who likes it, who hates it, who hates aspects of it but likes others, and hopefully, who loves it.

I spent the weekend printing up art, going to Staples for more ink, and then printing up more art. I have two tidy stacks ready to go back to Staples to be bound and then sent to my agent in New York - but it's a holiday today so no mail. I'll have to wait until tomorrow. And then I'll get back to Wink 2 and tuck the secret project into a drawer in my mind and forget about it until I get a call.

The last time I went through this was with the first Wink. At some point, my agent sent me five rejection letters from some of the houses with comments such as: love the art, but the story is predictable; love the story but the art is static. I wonder if any of those editors ever saw Wink at Barnes & Noble and thought Wow - someone picked up that cruddy story?! or Doh! I should have picked up that cruddy story!

Wink 2 went directly to the same editor who worked on Wink 1 - so it got a little trimming up - no rejections. That's the way to go, I tell ya. (That's not to say that other stories I pitched to said editor didn't get the boot, just not Wink.)

Now I'm back to the "dating" stage - if you will. Putting my stuff out there and seeing if I get a bite. I can tell you that the secret project is completely different from Wink. Different style. Different genre. Different target age group. I've been working on it constantly since October 2008. And I love it and really, really want to work on it.

Fingers crossed for someone who loves it too. I'll keep you posted.


Robin said...

Fingers crossed for you. Hope it's love at first sight for them!

Chicklebee said...

Ditto what Robin said! We're all crossing our fingers.....toes....legs....etc!!!

Natalie said...

I loved it in its initial stage, and I'm sure you'll get plenty of bites out there. Exciting!

Julie_c said...

You know Natalie - it is soooooo different from the stuff I sent you guys. But you saw some of the sketches so you know.

Thanks for the good vibes everyone!!!

cynjay said...

Smart people love your super sekrit project!