Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Regular readers may have noticed that I'm trying to go a little more professional with the blog these days. But in the interest of keeping things flowing and knowing that the grandparents don't care to know the secrets of children's book publishing, I won't go whole hog.

Today I'm going 70's. My friend Heather got a cool app (ap?) on her iPhone that distorts the colors in your photos like the quirky chemical developing of the 70's. It's February break here so we took our boys to the park for sledding and Heather snapped some shots.

I love this!

It's so moody! I might print it up and hang it somewhere - it's that groovy!

And here's Magoo:

It's even slightly out of focus - I love it. It's like the cover to his folk rock album or something. Feelin' Mellow with Magoo.

I'm not an iPhone user myself. I have a cell phone for when I need to call AAA because I have a flat tire or for when I'm at the grocery store and I call home for a food item, but I WISH I had an app like this on my digital camera. OH THE FUN!


Robin said...

If you go on Flickr there are screens you can download and put as a "filter" over any digital photo using photoshop and get similar effects. Not the same instant gratification as the iPhone app, but still fun. I will try to find some for you.

Julie_c said...

Thanks Robin!

Chicklebee said...

Woh..... sending me right back to my childhood.... lots of photos of me and my best buddies that look just like that ;-) Way cool!