Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Eggs

While shopping at Whole Foods, I came across a carton of Eco-Eggs. Since Magoo can't chomp down on a big chocolate bunny, I try to promote the non-edible holiday traditions and coloring Easter Eggs is always fun. Usually I use food coloring, but I figured we're all so healthy and granola now - why not go the natural way?

When you open the carton, kids get to search through the "grass" for the colorful capsules and two soy crayons.

If you get this carton, I just want to give you a heads up that there's a lot of waiting involved. The capsules that take minutes to dissolve in hot water, the eggs should soak in white vinegar for five. Then Magoo drew some designs on the shells (although he didn't press hard enough because they didn't come through) and we plopped the eggs in.

Look at those vibrant colors!!!

Yeah well, enjoy them in the bowls, folks, because even though the eggs sat in color baths for close to 3 hours, they emerged in softer hues.

They're still pretty - but truth be told I enjoy a bright springy Easter egg. Still - I'm glad I went with the naturals because Magoo decided to try to eat a hard boiled egg this year. He didn't like the yoke, but he did like the white. (He even asked for an egg for breakfast this morning!!!) I feel better knowing he's eating something that wasn't soaked in chemicals.

So all in all - SUCCESS!

In other news:
I'm basically finished with the interiors of Wink 2. I did the cover and back cover illustrations. I can't show you but I can say this: cherry blossoms. I'm waiting on notes/changes from the art director and to find out if/what we're doing for illos for the dedication page, title page and end papers. In the meantime, I have started gluing the collages down. There will be a trip to New York in the near future.

The secret project has been shopping around - I think it's had eight rejections now. Some folks just aren't into it. A couple liked it a lot but just didn't think it was right for their house. There are still about ten places who are looking at it. All I need is one yes. Oh man - I hope I get it!!!

I'm working on two other picture book stories that I hope to show to my agent/editor soon. I have to line up my next project.

Happy Monday, everyone. It's super dreary here. I hope you're getting some sun.


ang said...

Good show with the Easter Egg coloring. I always like the bright colors and sparkles but I am a little frightened by the bright chemical colors that are left on the egg white after you peel it. It just doesn't look right.
Good luck with your projects and I hope your street doesn't flood!

Ă„iti said...

Keeping my fingers crossed...

I was also disappointed, initially, when I first used natural dyes (onion skin and I don't remember what else) to color eggs. But, then I came to love the softer hues.

Teo is also a fan of egg whites :-)

Chicklebee said...

Love the eggs.... they look very Martha!
Can't wait to see you.... counting down the hours!