Thursday, March 11, 2010

Honest Abe - Oh Baby

Last night at the dinner table, I told Magoo to "look over there" and then pretended to steal some of his fries. He thought this was hilarious and started to try to con Mike and me to look different places - not that we had anything to steal, he just liked getting us to look at different things. At one point Magoo said, "Look Dad - there's a sexy girl tattoo on your back." I feigned jealous outrage. To pacify me, Magoo said, "Mom, you have a sexy man tattoo." Delighted, I said, "I do?" Magoo said, "It's Abraham Lincoln!" We laughed. "Is he wearing his hat?" I asked. Mike chimed in, "Not on his head."

And that's the kind of good clean conversation we have at home. :)


Chicklebee said...

And that is why I miss you guys so much! LOVE IT!

Shelley said...

ha ha - hilarious! I love that he chose Abe for the hot guy!