Monday, March 1, 2010


Just so you know - this very ugly creature is heading under my porch. That's where it is right now. Under my porch. Plotting it's evil little plan.

Here's how it went down.

I was having a pleasant morning. My dear friend, Staci, from Chicago is coming for dinner tonight. I had dropped Magoo off at school and stopped to get some warm, fresh bread for dinner. Then, my friend Sara called. She was telling me that the library at her son's school informed her that Wink is up for a Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Award. Yeah! - right? What a wonderful day.

Then the phone beeped. I don't get a ton of calls; it might be the school or my agent - so I clicked over. It was my neighbor. She was calling to explain the reason her dogs were barking off the hook was that there was an opossum under my window. Just as she's telling me this - I see that one of her dogs has jumped her fence and is running around in my backyard. "Nilla's out!" I scream as though the dog's a dangerous convict. "I'm coming!" my neighbor says and I click back to the line with Sara. "There's an opossum and the dog's out - I gotta go!"

If you've been reading this blog for awhile and can remember the post about the squirrel - you know I get a little overly hyped up about wild animals.

So I throw on my boots and meet my neighbor out back - she already has her dog and puts it in the house. Then she shows me where the bugger is hiding. It's nestled between a small garden I made from concrete blocks (sounds pretty, right?) and the back of my house. She tells me it hissed and showed it's nasty fangs to the dog. Then the dog comes through the house, out the back, and FLIES over her fence, going for the opossum again. So we're trying to get the dog away without getting too close to the animal. We figure since it's nocturnal that it might be sick or injured or something so I'm picturing a smaller version of Cujo jumping for my throat. My neighbor locks the dogs up and I tell her I will call Animal Control - I get a message machine giving me other numbers. So then I think, Maybe I should check on it again so I have a better sense of what I'm going to say, but the thing is on the move - to my porch!

I run and grab my camera - because blog - and take a couple of pics. I even try to slam on the window to deter it. It looks up at me as if to say " F- you, lady," and creeps through the wooden cross-hatch.

The cops at Animal Control weren't super supportive.

Me: Hi - I'm calling to report an opossum situation at my house.
AC: What's the situation?
Me: Well, an opossum has just crawled under my porch and I thought I should call someone.
AC: Was it ill or injured?
Me: It moved slow and it's not suppose to be out in the daytime, so it might be sick.
AC: They sometimes come out in the daytime for food.
Me: Oh. Well, it wasn't bleeding or anything but since this is the first time I've seen an opossum with my own eyes I couldn't detect any other injury. It wasn't foaming at the mouth or anything.

It basically ended with the dispatcher telling me that they would come out if the animal was ill or injured a couple more times, and me saying I guess I'd just keep an eye on the situation.

So that's where I'm at. I'm hoping it will scurry off. In the meantime, I'm keeping my cat inside.


Chicklebee said...

OOOOO!!!! What an exciting Monday morning! Almost as exciting as my Monday night last week ;-) You need to name the little bugger!!!!!
Keep us posted!

Äiti said...

Is it wrong that I found this post utterly entertaining? ("F--- you, Lady" :-) Good luck!

Julie_c said...

I'll keep you posted. I looked in my basement window - the one that sees under the porch and I couldn't the opossum - but I couldn't see the far corner from that angle. It might be gone already. I'll check tomorrow.

Chicklebee said...

So..... what happened to your little buddy?

Julie_c said...

I guess he just left. I was speaking to one of the neighbor kids and he said, very casually, "Oh yeah, the opossum was down by our house eating compost." I think this is just the neighborhood opossum who got busted by Nilla this one morning. As always, my spaz mode went to 11 when it was no big deal. But I did name him Furry Joe.

傻眼 said...