Tuesday, March 9, 2010

T-Shirts and A New Car

I know what you thought. You thought the opossum ate me, didn't you? No. I've just been busy. We had to buy a second car, (I'll go into that later,) and every other moment I've been working on Wink 2 - but I did make time to craft a birthday gift for my niece who's turning 1 on Thursday.

Freezer Paper T-shirts!

Every time I make one of these I want to make more. I love the way they turn out. My brother and his wife try to steer people away from pink for my niece, so I went green and red. Really, I went with the two plain front t-shirts I could find at the store. It's very difficult to find plain t's at a store. When I'm good and ahead of the game, I order them. But I wasn't too far ahead of the game this time around.

Here are some close-up shots:

Gold + fish = goldfish. Get it? :)
I was originally going to put a bird on the front of the green shirt, but when I saw the purple paint I knew it had to be an octopus! How fun is that? I want one!

So those are off in the mail. I hope she likes them.

Back to the car saga: Buying a car is a chore. Unless you're rich. Then it's probably fun. But we're not rich, so it's a friggin' chore. This is how I spent the last week and a half:

Finding cars.
Researching cars.
Researching what to look for in a used car.
Family trip to see a '98 Honda.
Go through checklist in the dark.
Spending 3 hours on Friday picking up Honda, driving to mechanic, waiting for inspection, finding out the car stinks, taking car back.
Start from the beginning - well kinda.
My mechanic, Jack, is awesome. He gave me the number for a mechanic/dealer in East Hartford that he said was very honest. So I researched said honest car dealer, Dan, (it's like finding a unicorn!) and found some cars. Then I called him and he said he'd come in on Saturday so the whole family went out to test drive a couple cars. Mike found one he liked so that's done. Dan, the dealer, will take care of plates and registration for us so we're just waiting to hear from him as to when we can pick up the car.
Geesh - what a hassle!

I am nearing completion of the innards of Wink 2 - Yeah. I think I'll put a check-list up tomorrow.

I'll be a better poster this week - I promise.


Ă„iti said...

The purple octopus brightened my day :-) What a lucky niece!

Shelley said...

Hope the car search is getting better/easier. It is such a hassle! Your art and books still inspire, just very little time to comment. Thanks for sharing so much and looking forward to wink 2!


Chicklebee said...

Love the shirts!
What kind of car did you end up with? Porche 911?

Julie_c said...

2002 VW Jetta. It has a moonroof! Woo-hoo!