Saturday, April 3, 2010

Egg Hunt 2010

We had a beautiful day for our, like, 5th annual egg hunt. Most of the core group remains the same. The Metcalfes were in town so N & A got to join in - yeah! We had a few new friends join us, too. ( Too many kids to even fit on the starting bench!!!) I always give the twitchy children a few "reminders" before they start, like "Big kids should run further out and leave the close eggs for the little ones," and "Don't run up and snatch an egg if you see a 2 year old going for it," - simple courtesy stuff - then it's One, Two, Three GOOOOOO!!!

I think it took me and my buddy Angela 10 minutes to lay all the eggs out. The kids cleared the field like a swarm of locusts in 3 minutes flat. I'm thinking next year I might have to get a little craftier about where I hide some of the eggs so I can draw it out. Or maybe I'll add an Easter treasure hunt or something like that.

Of course, the hunt is just stage 1. Stage 2 is discovering what booty you got. Here's Magoo and A. going through their eggs.

Then there's stage 3 for Magoo - doling out the candy. Since he can't eat the candy himself, he really enjoys giving it out to others kids and adult. Little J was THRILLED to get some extra m&m's. (I had a few myself!)

Since it was such a nice day, everyone hung out for a good long time at the park. Kids got to play with friends they hadn't seen in awhile and adults got to catch up as well.

It was a lovely day. Hope you all are having lovely holidays!


ang said...

Thanks for arranging it all! What is this-the 5th year?! Hmm a treasure hunt could be an idea. Those kids are fast! My kiddos came home and obliterated the candy and then had the "nerve" to ask if we were going to have another egg hunt. ;-)
Happy Easter!

Julie_c said...

Hey Ang - Looks like I have H&E's fleecies here. I'll bring them to school tomorrow.

Chicklebee said...

We had an AWESOME time! Nothin' beats that annual Easter egg hunt!!! And what a perfect day for it! Thanks!

Chicklebee said...

Oh, and "HEY Ang!" ;-)