Thursday, April 8, 2010


This lovely young lady is Bridget, my husband's cousin's daughter, and about a month or so ago, she called me up and asked to interview me for a class project on "Famous Women in Your Family." Naturally, I was honored.

(BTW - doing a kid-friendly interview can be very difficult. You have to explain rather complicated processes in succinct spelling-friendly sound-bites. But I did my best.)

Then Bridget drew a portrait of me (that's me up there that she's holding - dig my funky vest!) and read her report to the whole class. Wowee-wow-wow. Big stuff! Her mom said she'd send me a copy of the report, but I just couldn't wait to post this pic. I am over-the-moon flattered and besides, Bridget is too darn cute!

In other news: I had a big day yesterday. In the morning I went into Magoo's class as the Royal Reader, and b/c I had MOST of the art done for Wink 2, I gave the kids a sneak peek.

Then I came home, seeded the back yard, AND cleaned out the garage. In the evening I put bandaids on my thumb blisters and bought myself an ice cream treat at Whole Foods. :)


ang said...

Awesome. Love the skin tone on your doppleganger! Bridget is too cute!
How did you get so much work done? I dream of the day when I can accomplish half of what you did.
Btw, Doran wants $56 for his Java portrait.

Julie_c said...

Ang - you're funny!