Monday, April 12, 2010

The Truth About Ants and Dogs

I'm not sure who said it, but one of the boys pointed out that ants don't like to walk on chalk.
So, to test the theory the boys started making ant "mazes" or "tracks."

Step 1: find an ant.
Step 2: draw a chalk track.
Note: make sure not to close the track all the way. Leave an escape route.

Step 3: Observe.

Conclusion - I think chalk is to ants what an electric fence is to a dog. They physically can cross it, but it is highly unpleasant for them and they don't want to.

This project kept the little scientists going for a good long time.

In other news:
We are dog sitting. Mike's sister's pup, Poppy, is staying with us for a few days. Magoo is quite smitten.

Poppy is well behaved and we all enjoy her - well, not Java the cat. Poor Java. She's fenced off upstairs right now. I try to go up and visit and give her a lot of love too.


Chicklebee said...

Hmmmm..... we're going to have to test your ant theories for ourselves!!
Have fun with the Pup! She looks like quite the happy Princess sitting there next the Magoo!

ang said...

Poor Java, I would take her for a bit, but she would feel more tortured here and Doran just loves her sooo much. The puppy looks super-cute. Time for a dog?
We gots lots o' chalk but no ants.
This ant fence thing reminds me of LOST and the Smoke Monster. Do you think I watch too much tv?