Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jambo! - It's Kenya Day

Yesterday Magoo and the other first graders at his school celebrated Kenya Day! They've been studying Kenya for about a month now - so everyone (including me) was geared up and ready to go.

Here's what happened: a bunch of parents came in and worked different stations. They had: drumming, clay animals, mancala, beading, mask-making, stamping, posing in Kenyan garb(above), and a few other things. We were divided into three different classrooms so I didn't see everything - but man, was I glad I wasn't in the room with the drums. Can you imagine?!?! I worked the beading station. The kids had already decorated paper plates bases. I, and the other parents, helped the children punch holes in their bases, loop pipe cleaners, and bead them.

Here's Magoo's:

As far as projects go, this was a great one. It wasn't that messy. It wasn't that loud. (well, yanno, drum loud.) And the kids needed very little guidance. Give them some pipe cleaners and beads and they go to town. It was amusing to note my energy drop as the hours progressed. I was super hyped for the first two groups - jumping form kid to kid to either help or compliment their craft. Then I started to sit more and just help the ones around me. By the last group is was like, "Here, put beads on this." My throat was soar and I was plum tuckered out. Coming from a family of teachers, I have never, ever thought that leading a group of kids through a day of school was a breeze - but what really killed me was the noise.

Right now, my house is dead quiet. The cat is sleeping. The child and the husband are out. There's no music, no TV on. All I hear is the tapping of the keyboard. Sweet, sweet quiet. Quiet is how I recharge. So after three hours of constant noise - I was mentally exhausted.

BUT - I had fun. I LOVE going into the school and meeting the kids. I LOVE getting a sense of who they are when they are at school and with their friends. And I LOVE being silly with them when we all get a little bored. (One group finished early so I showed them how to tape two beads to their fists and make Mr. Hand puppets. That caught on like wildfire.)

So it was BIG TIME fun, followed by BIG TIME rest.

In other news:
Tomorrow I will do a school visit at the Braeburn School in West Hartford. I am psyched!

Monday will be my 500th post! Yahoo! And that means contest time. Come back Monday to find out what it is.


ang said...

Beads good. Beads quiet. It is fun going into school. I always feel a little shy, but the kids are sweet and believe practically anything you say ;-)

500 posts?! What?! Congrats!

Have fun at Braeburn!

Anonymous said...

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黃郁順 said...

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