Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Visit to the Eric Carle Museum

It's April break here and that means I have little time to work and a lot of time to entertain a 7-year old boy. So my buddy, Heather, and I decided to get the crew together and head up to the Eric Carle Museum.

The Museum is very 7-year old boy friendly. There are 2 galleries, an art studio, a gift shop, and a lovely terrace/tree garden area. We went through the galleries quickly. The first gallery featured the art of Antonio Frasconi and it was AWESOME! I could have strolled around in there for a good 30 minutes. But after 5 the boys were bored. O said, "I want to leave this place!"

The second gallery was better because the boys had an alphabet treasure hunt to keep them occupied.

Then we hit the art studio for some print making with styrofoam squares. I love the art studio. It is big, bright and there's always something fun to do. But the boys made short work of it and it was soon time to head outside for lunch (and to let the monkeys loose a bit.)

Here's a shot of the doors from outside. I loved the reflection.
The boys started off by the Japanese Maples. (I think that's what they are. I'm not good with trees.) This was great because Heather and I could sit down, feed them, and they were plenty occupied with the pebbles.

But as soon as they finished eating, they jumped the border wall and hit the climbing trees.

If you add all the time we spent in the both galleries and the art studio and tack five minutes on it and you'll have the amount of time the boys spent climbing trees. I don't know who did the landscaping - but they really brought the fun of Eric Carle outside. All the trees were fun shapes and low to the ground. It's as though they put their arms down, welcoming the boys to jump up in them.

When the boys had their fill, we hit the gift shop and I made a discovery. FABRIC!

There's Eric Carle fabric. My mind went into a frenzy thinking of things I could make. Since my cousin is having a baby in the fall, I came up with an idea and got two yards.

When we left, the Hungry Caterpillar car was gone. I said, "Looks like Mr. Carle got in his car and left."
O said. "I thought he was dead."
I said, "No, he's not dead."
O said, "I thought he lived in the realm of spirits."
Heather said, "I think he lives in Florida."


In other news:
I'm a little concerned that I've set some intimidating goals for the contest. Please don't feel as though you need to compose a prize winning poem. In fact, you can steal someone else's lines. Give credit, of course, but I'm only interested in translating the idea. I don't care who wrote the words. Have a favorite line from Shel Siverstein? Use it. Like a quirky title of a book? Lay it on me. Just make sure you go back and put it in the comments of the contest post. Not this one.


ang said...

Awesome day for an EC visit! I love that museum. What is the price per yard for fabric? I am stoked they have EC fabric!
You're right-those were Japanese Maple trees.
I am so glad I can yank some words from someone else because I got nothin'!

Julie_c said...

I think it was something like $9.00 per yard, and you have to buy it by the yard. No 1/2 yards, missy.

And yes, Yank away.