Monday, April 26, 2010

The Winner: Tom Cats Bread and Tea

Joan submitted her daughter's poem:

Hello, Hello today's the day
When gray old tomcats come to play
They come, they come in packs of three
C'mon and feed them bread and tea

I have to admit I have a soft spot for cats. And cats drinking tea and eating bread?! C'mon! I had to make that! I made them a little demented looking, as though they're gonna get hopped up on camomile and the tip some trash cans.

Congrats to Joan and your daughter!

Honestly, I could have done an illustration for each and every entry. As they started coming in, I got really excited, then I thought D'oh, I'm gonna have to choose one of these!

I narrowed it down to four. Then two. So there's going to be a runner-up - I just haven't had time to make it yet. Give me a couple days.

THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who entered!!! And THANK YOU to everyone who checks in with me from time to time!

In other news: Magoo is back at school. Whoo-hoo! He goes through phases and right now he's in an "I'm bored" phase. So Mama had to make a lot of playdates and had little time to work. I just have to complete the end papers for Wink 2 and I'm basically done. Double Whoo-hoo!


Joan said...

*leaping wildly around*
She's going to be so excited to hear this (when she gets back from school)!
And OMG, Julie, those cats are AWESOME!! I kind of expect them to hop up and start tap-dancing on top of the fence. Don't you think they need their own animated TV series???

Thanks for hosting this rocking contest (and for being so talented)!

PS: What do you know, the randomly generated letters I am being asked to type in order to verify this post are: whinicat :D

ang said...

Oh that is too much! I love cats too! I am not sure we can have them yet due to allergies and Doran's love for cats.
I love the tea and the demented looks! Perfect!

Tracy said...

oh my! I LOVE the poem and I LOVE the illustration! Cats may be in your picture book future... :)

Diana Murray said...

I was hoping you'd choose that one! I love it. It's so whimsical. The illustration looks awesome. Congratulations to Joan's daughter!

Sheri said...

LOVE it! Both the poem and the illustration!

I think I'll make myself a cup of tea right now... :)

Z-Kids said...

That's just awesome!
- AZ

M said...

cute stuff!