Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Crow and the Pitcher

My husband reminded me of a fable in which a crow, desperate with thirst, finds a pitcher of water. But the water is too shallow and the crow can't reach it. So the clever crow drops pebbles into the pitcher causing the water level to rise, until the bird can drink.

Upon hearing this, an image popped into my head immediately - this image, actually. Some ideas you have to work through, play with the colors, rearrange the composition. Other things you simply execute.

The only internal debate I had with this one was whether to add the top blue to the pitcher or just leave it white. It looked good white - but I found my eyes were drawn to the big white space and everything else competed for attention. With the light blue there, my eye jumps to the crow, and that's where I want it to go.

1 comment:

ang said...

I love the pebbles and the reflection of the light on the pitcher's surface. It's beautiful Julie.