Monday, May 17, 2010

Friday in New York

Last Friday I delivered the final art for Wink, The Ninja Who Wanted to Nap to Viking HQ in New York.

Here's the lobby. (One lady thought I was very strange for taking a picture of the lobby.)

My editor came and fetched me and we laid the art out for the art department and some marketing people to view.

Everyone was very complimentary. It is fun to see it all laid out like that, too. I have to admit, I think it looks better than the last one.

But it's a little ... what's the word, stressful ... to stand there while professionals review my work. Once again - everyone was so great - but it's a little like having the spotlight on me for 35 minutes while I answer questions and say "thanks" and hope nothing I glued down comes off.

Then my editor took me out to lunch at a Japanese restaurant called, En.

I really couldn't tell you what I ate. It was goooood though. Something was a little spicey. And something else looked like orange fish eggs. All in all, it was quite yum and the restaurant was just beautiful.

Then I took a quick stroll - because it turned out to be a beautiful day in NY, just lovely - and I was back at the Port Authority bus stop to get on a FOUR HOUR bus ride back home.

Seven hours on a bus is not a good time, to be sure. But the book is where it needs to be and I'm feelin' good.

In other news:
How cool is this shop window? The bus was stopped and I saw the alligator skull in the window. I HAD to get a shot of that!

- I did not accomplish my goal of two completed dummy books. But I did finish one. For the other I did a couple color character sketches and inserted illustration notes in the text. And I'm OK with that. I would have had to bust my hump in an unhealthy way to get the second one done and it probably wouldn't have been crafted to my satisfaction - so I think it's better to have submitted it the way it was.

- Saturday we had a tag sale sale, and yes, I did make Gluten-Free, Casein-Free, Sugar-Free carrot muffins for Magoo and the other boys to sell. They sold out! I did OK too.


Ă„iti said...

Sounds great except for the 4 hour bus ride... I was thinking about ya all day! Maybe next time you can allot a few hours for dinner and I can meet you in town (and you can avoid rush hour traffic :-)

ang said...

Congratulations! The book looks great from this angle.
That fish roe looks divine. Yummy.
Nothing like a bus ride to put us in touch with humanity.

Natalie said...

Can't wait to see this on the shelves! :-)

Chicklebee said...

YAHOO! Glad you had a successful trip into the city! How much did you make at the tag sale?

Julie_c said...

I have to admit that it wasn't an end-all-be-all clean house tag sale. Mostly I sold a bunch of Magoo's old toys. But we took in $88 and cleaned a bunch of stuff out - so it's all good.