Monday, May 3, 2010

Unified Sports

Saturday was a bright and sunny day. Perfect for Unified Sports. This is Magoo's second year of Unified Sports. There's always a lot to learn whenever you do something for the first time - so we had some hurdles last year - like handling a very loud gym and Magoo's frustration if he didn't perform well. This year was much, much smoother.

Magoo started out in one of the loud gyms (the noise wasn't an issue for him this time though, phew) with volleyball.

All the activities didn't involve the enormous ball - but I think this was his favorite.

Then we headed outside for track, soccer, and baseball.

Magoo, as it turns out, is an ace pitcher. The kids had to throw soft balls into a hole in a net. Magoo was, maybe, the 10th kid to go. Some of the better skilled children got five balls in. Magoo got all six of his balls in the hole. I couldn't believe it!!!

The final event was basketball and that was in the second gym. This is where all hell basically broke loose. There were a lot of little kids/younger siblings there who had grown tired of just watching. And a lot of parents who were tired of wrangling the young ones so small kids were running all over the place. The helpers were too tired and too few. So poor Magoo is trying to do what he's supposed to do and wait his turn, but the lines aren't formed and every time it's his turn a little kid would run by and snatch the ball from the ground. Magoo was pi$$ed. He was also exhausted. So we took him outside, poured cool water over his head, and brought him back in to receive his medal.

Apart from the last bit - it was a lovely, lovely morning and Magoo had a lot to be proud of.


Chicklebee said...

YAHOO MAGOO! Get that kid into baseball ;-)

Joan said...

I love that last smiling pic--ADORABLE!!