Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Work Time

I have three days until New York. Three days to work my butt off getting two stories sketched out to show my editor. Frankly, I don't know if I can get two stories sketched out, but I can definitely get one done.

Are they perfect stories? I doubt it. But I think- at this point - they are at least solid enough that my editor can decide if she likes one (or both) enough to help me craft it. We'll see.

What we have above is my current work desk. Below, on the poster board, I have the story all laid-out. I have the script in the corner (to be typed in later) and my character references at hand. What I do now is tape up a piece of 8.5X11" white paper with a 2-page spread already printed on it and I sketch out the art. Depending on the detail, each sketch could take 30-60 minutes and I have to do about 17 of them. Jeepers. I'd better get moving!!!

In other news:
My mom visited from Ohio. We had a really fun visit to the new Science Museum in Hartford, but my battery quit immediately and I couldn't upload the pics from her camera, so I have nothing to show.

The weather has gone from being in the high 80's to the mid-50's which equals = illness. I have another cold. Bleh.

For all you LOSTies out there - looks like a GREAT episode tonight!!! I'm so excited!!!


ang said...

Hey how'd you get those super-sweet labels on your photo?
Good luck with sketching out your stories. It's so exciting what you are doing.
I don't know if I can take another LOST. My reception just kicked back in and I got see Jin and Sun and their demise. I am almost too depressed to watch-almost.

Julie_c said...

Re: labels. I just did it on Photoshop.

RE: Sun and Jin. I'd feel sadder if they didn't orphan a kid. I never liked that Sun ditched her daughter or that Jin made the choice to stay with Sun and die as opposed to being a father. I get the whole Sun/Jin die as a couple thing - but as a parent I found it selfish. Besides all Sun ever said all season was "I'm looking for my husband." So I was sort of over the whole storyline.

BUT I am VERY EXCITED about tonight!!!

ang said...

That's why I was depressed. The whole time they were drowning (and actually the whole time Sun was looking for Jin), I was like where's the kid. As a mom, I would have made him go and at least try to get off the island. I can't figure what his motivation was for staying in the sub. Now the kid is dealing with her crazy grandpappy.

Julie_c said...

Well, I think the girl is with her grandmother more. I think Sun kinda broke her Dad. But still. I just think if they story arc for Jin and Sun was to find that they couldn't live without one another then it was a mistake to get her pregnant. I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Natalie said...

Good luck in the Big Apple, Julie! Keep us posted. :-)

Anonymous said...