Friday, May 21, 2010

Writer's Tea

I'm not the only author in the family.

Yesterday, all the first graders invited Moms, Dads, silbings, etc. to a Writer's Tea to unveil their Alphabet Books. Magoo had been talking about it for a week!

Richard Labadia, author of What Can A Snowman Wear: A Snowman Alphabet, came into the school three times and taught the children how to choose subjects, research, and write an alphabet book. (Magoo's class chose the subject of animals.) The kids have been working on these books for months - and for each animals they write about, they have to make an illustration - of course. To top that off, Mrs. Smith typed out the kids' text, cut out paper borders, and glued the whole thing together. That's a TON of work for everyone involved.

And it was a room full of proud children.

Until it was time to help themselves to cookies. Then it was a room full of sharks!

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ang said...

How grown-up is he?! Man. I forgot all about the Writer's Tea. Those kids do get a little shady around food after restraining themselves for so long-just wait until the class play reception-my ears rang for days.